7 Keys to Attracting More Traffic with a Local Search Strategy

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If you want to attract more traffic to your website from local visitors, it is essential that you develop a local search strategy. Your strategy should consist of two main tools; Google Business Center and Google Profile.

GoogleBusinessCenterClaiming Your Identity on Google Profile:
1) Visit and create a profile that is rich in keywords and powerfully depicts what makes you valuable and unique. As of now, your profile will show up at the bottom of regular search results, but as people begin to use the tool it is likely that Google will start featuring your profile at the top of search results for your name.

Examples of Google Profiles Work Checking Out:

Felicia Day Peter Cramton
Matt Cutts Rachel Hansson
Elizabeth Jardina M. Flourish Klink
Aileen Lee Tim O’Reilly


Optimizing Your Google Local Search Listing:

2) Keywords in Your Title and Description Fields – As far as optimization is concerned, keywords in your description are important, but keywords in your business title are paramount. Your Business Name or Title should list “what you do” rather than “who you are.” If you are the owner of dental practice in St. Louis, Mo named Moline Dental Care you could use the following title to improve your chance of ranking high on Google’s Local Search results – “St. Louis Mo Dentist – Moline Dental Care.”

3) Business Categories is perhaps the most important section of your business listing when it comes to obtaining top rankings for your main keywords. You are allowed up to 5 categories for your listing. Use your tip 5 keywords + city name in the category fields. “St. Louis MO Dentist” should be the first business category. You don’t have to stick with the ones Google gives you in the listing.

4) “Hours of Operation, Payment Types, Photos, Videos and Additional Details” – Don’t take these field for granted. The more detailed and comprehensive you make your listing, the more incentive Google has to rank you listing higher.

5) Review your local search reports. Log in to your Google Business Center account and review the reports to see the top search queries that people used to find your local search listing. This data can be very useful when optimizing and tracking the effectiveness of your local search campaign. Where possible, include more of these keywords in your listing.

6) Don’t forget “Reviews”. User reviews are becoming extremely important in securing top rankings in Google’s Local Search. Begin working to get supporting citations from trusted local sources, such as Superpages, Yelp, City Search and Insider Pages. For a detailed list of local sources and instructions on how to register your business visit –

7) For any photos or videos you add to your account, be sure to name your images such that they reflect your keywords. Eg: Instead of naming the photo “image001.jpg” name it “st-louis-dentist.jpg”.

Properly optimizing your Google Profile and Google Local search are essential to a strong local search strategy.

By Lethia Owens

Lethia Owens is Branding and Market Domination Strategist. She has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation which is the highest designation awarded by the National Speaking Association. She is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world and she has completed a 6-country tour for her best selling book Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand. Lethia’s message of reinvention, courage and self-empowerment has inspired audiences on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliate networks.


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      I have seen many local professionals like Dentists, Psychiatrists, Home paint job providers use Google Local search effectively to get their business listed among the hungry buyers and attract more visitors for their business.

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      After reading your article and the ideas presented this piqued my interest. I have never been so intrigued with this subject before, but your writing style has renewed my interests. Thanks for posted.
      Honestly we are so confused how to work and getting more maximum result with local search. anyway thanks for posted an useful and interesting article. Keep up your great work!

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