7 Ways to Increase Newsletter Sign-Ups

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One of the most powerful ways to connect with your clients and patients is through email marketing. In order to use this powerful method of communication, your reader must first opt-in to your list. This means they must first give you permission to send them information via email.

According to CNET News, junk and spam mail accounts for over 90% of all email messages. Users are becoming more and more skeptical and reluctant to give out their email address. For marketers this means we must be even more creative and clever when encouraging users to sign up for our list.

7 powerful ways to increase newsletter sign-ups:

  1. Compelling Offer – Give readers something extra for signing up for your newsletter. For example, you might give them access to a FREE video, a discount on their first purchase or information that is of great value in helping them solve a problem.
  2. Pop-Over – Consider using a pop-over subscription form that hovers over the content on your website and presents the visitor with a unique and compelling offer for which they can sign-up. I use for my email marketing campaigns and this feature is included in Aweber’s monthly plan.
  3. Contests and Drawings – You may consider running a contest or having a monthly drawing to entice people to sign-up for your list in hopes of being the lucky winner.
  4. KISS – Keep is Simple Sam. Don’t ask for too much information. Usually email address and name are the two pieces of information you will want to request from visitors. It is also a good idea to put a sentence on your site assuring people that their email address will never be sold and that they won’t be spammed. Include a link to your privacy policy.
  5. Refer-a-Friend – Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. Use technology to allow your current subscribers to help you promote your newsletter. Ask them to share the newsletter with their friends and offer them an incentive to do so.
  6. WIIFM – Be sure to tell the reader what’s in it for them. Use customer focused language that does a good job of exposing their pain followed with an explanation how your newsletter will help them address their issues. People most frequently respond to messages that promise convenience, comfort or a way to make or save money. Try to frame your language using these tactics. Assure them you are offering value and will not waste their time.
  7. Lost Opportunity – Remind them that by not signing up for your newsletter they will be missing out on something important. If at all possible, help them see that they can’t afford not to sign up for your newsletter.

Success and wealth love action. Begin the process for attracting phenomenal success and wealth into your life by implementing what you have just learned.

Suggested Action Steps:

  1. Research email marketing companies (, and and find the one that is right for you.

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  2. If you already have an email marketing list, determine the current number of subscribers and set a goal for the number of new subscribers you would like to enroll in the next 90 days.

Something for you to think about:

  • What will you do immediately to improve your email marketing campaign?
  • What is your next email marketing related business goal?

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