Are People Talking About You on Facebook? New Features Help You Analyze Your Business Page Clout

People-Are-Talking1Have you noticed a new metric on your Facebook Business Page? This number is displayed right under the number that shows how many people have liked your page. The “# are talking about you” metric represents a total for all user-initiated activity related to your Business Page. This number takes into account all of your wall posts, comments, likes, shares, check-ins, photo tags, recommendations, etc have have generated user-initiated activity. You can also find this feature in your page insights.

If you have ever wondered about the real value of your Facebook Business Page, this is the closest we have come to calculating the value since business pages were launched. We’ve tried other methods in the past, counting # of friends, # of comments and # of posts shared. Facebook now attempts to quantify the value and it will be interesting to see where this takes us.

Facebook is also working to help Business Page owners better understand their brand reach beyond their fan base with two new insight features – “Friends of Fans” and “Weekly Total Reach.” The new insight features will also measure the brand reach of specific posts by taking the of people talking about it by all of the people who saw it to measure the post’s popularity or viral nature.

By Lethia Owens

Lethia Owens is Branding and Market Domination Strategist. She has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation which is the highest designation awarded by the National Speaking Association. She is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world and she has completed a 6-country tour for her best selling book Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand. Lethia’s message of reinvention, courage and self-empowerment has inspired audiences on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliate networks.

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    • Alice Fuller
      Posted on October 7, 20119:31 am

      I literally noticed the new feature a few days ago while on a client’s fan page.  Considering I’m helping this client promote an upcoming event via Facebook, the new feature does give me a better sense of whether my efforts are working.  I’m still using impressions, comments, and shares.  Speaking of shares, I also find useful the new sharing information.  Knowing who is sharing posts from the fan page, gives me insight into who could become potential influencers/ambassadors online for my client.