Build Your Personal Brand with SEO Strategies using Twitter

TwitterBirdI’ve tested and confirmed that Tweets are included on all the major search engine’s regular search results. In the past, if Tweets did show up, you had to wait a certain amount of time before they were indexed in order to be able to find them in search results. Now Tweets are showing up almost immediately and this highlights the importance of Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy. Make sure your tweets are keyword rich to optimize the positioning of your brand. Take action today to begin leveraging Twitter’s authority for your business and online profile.

By Lethia Owens

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    • Rusty Robson
      Posted on April 25, 201111:16 pm

      This is what we’ve been seeing as well. Having Twitter work FOR you is powerful. I appreciate your thoughts on making sure the tweets are optimized as well. I will be speaking at a work shop this weekend where attendees will leave with a targeted Twitter growth strategy for branding as well as SEO purposes so this post cam at a great time. Thanks.
      Rusty Robson

    • SEO NYC
      Posted on March 15, 20122:00 am

      When you start building your own brand then it is your time to use the advantage of SEO to promote it and you can also use some social media sites to increase its popularity like Twitter and Facebook.

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