NSA Chapter Programs

Lethia Owens, CSP is Ranked #8 Among the World’s Top 30 Brand Gurus and Has Shared Her Workshops With Over 22 NSA Chapters.

Workshops That Help Speakers Grow and Profit

Lethia Owens, CSP, brings immeasurable value to local NSA chapters through her engaging workshop programs aimed at empowering speakers to grow and profit in their businesses. With her fun, engaging, and experiential teaching style, Lethia captivates her audience, leaving them inspired and equipped with practical tools to enhance their business. Through her vast expertise as a professional speaker and her commitment to giving back to the speaking community, Lethia generously shares invaluable insights, proven strategies, and actionable steps that drive results. 

Online or In-Person: Programs that Accelerate Growth

Lethia Owens, CSP is known for her ability to help experts build magnetic brand and certify their brilliance. Speakers such as John C. Maxwell, Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, Manley Feinberg and Jasmine Brett Stringer have worked with Lethia to grow their business. 

Participants in Lethia’s workshops not only gain knowledge but also create action plans that empowers them to confidently navigate the speaking industry and thrive as successful speakers. 

Choose From Three Chapter Programs


Unlock the full potential of your workforce with actionable strategies and cultivate the Game Changer's Mindset within your organization.​

“Lethia’s message was inspiring and contagious!”

Martel Robinson Leader, Boeing

Quantum Leap Your Speaking Business to The Next Level: Turn Your Expertise Into a Highly Profitable Certification Program In 90 Days or Less!

Are you a professional speaker seeking to unlock new levels of success and profitability in your speaking business? Do you dream of making a greater impact while maximizing your income in less time? Look no further! Join us for our transformative workshop, “Certify Your Brilliance,” where Lethia Owens, CSP will show you how to leverage your expertise and turn your signature speech, course, or system into a highly profitable certification program in just 90 days. In this dynamic workshop designed exclusively for professional speakers, we will explore the benefit of creating a powerful certification program that will elevate your brand and exponentially increase your reach and revenue. Learn to leverage the concept of quantum leaping to  transition from incremental growth to rapid expansion through the power of certification and licensing your content. What You Will Learn:
  1. Understanding the Certification Advantage:
    • Discover why certification programs are the ultimate leverage tool for professional speakers.
    • Learn how to capitalize on your existing speech, course, or signature system to create a valuable certification program.
    • Explore real-life success stories of speakers who have skyrocketed their businesses through certification.
  2. Maximizing Profitability and Impact:
    • Understand the potential revenue streams and financial benefits of certification programs.
    • Learn how to position your certification program as a premium offering to attract high-value clients.
    • Explore ways to amplify your impact and authority in the speaking industry through certification.
  3. Scaling Your Business with Certification:
    • Discover how certification can serve as a foundation for expanding your speaking business.
    • Learn how to leverage your tribe of certified ambassadors to build a loyal community and attract new opportunities.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to Certify Your Brilliance and unlock the true potential of your speaking business. Join us for this interactive and transformative workshop.


Discover how to elevate your brand influence, command respect, and inspire others to follow your lead.

“Most life changing business development and personal brand session I have had in my entire life. I learned so much during the time shared with Dr. Owens. I left feeling empowered, capable, and determined to make an impact.”

Jordan Coleman Compliance Analyst, Centene Corporation

Build a Magnetic Speaker Brand & Be Seen Everywhere: Strategies to Increase Your Reach, Reputation and Revenue

We are in transition from a corporate–dominated marketplace to a content, reputation, and influence–driven business environment. People no longer just want to buy from you, they want to know you. They want to learn from you. They need to like you and trust you before they meet you. In fact, 74% of Americans say they are more likely to trust you if have an established personal brand and 58% of Americans say they are more likely to spend “more” money with you if you have an established personal brand that they know, like and follow.  And these numbers are only going to get bigger. Transacting business today is no longer just about what you do, it’s about who you are and you have to be highly visible in a noisy marketplace.

In this inspiring, thought-provoking, and “what to do next” session, Lethia Owens, CSP will share simple and straightforward strategies that your chapter members can use to immediately grow their influence,  build their magnetic speaker brand, and increase their visibility online. 

This is an engaging workshop on how to become known and found for your expertise.

What You Will Learn: 

  • The #1 secret to building a best-selling personal brand  

  • 6 critical questions that will help differentiate you in the marketplace  

  • What really matters to meeting planners when deciding whom to hire   

  • How to build a self-propelling online and offline personal brand infrastructure   


Unleash the power of inclusive and transformational leadership within yourself and your organization.

“Lethia is brilliant!”

Eileen S. Zito Leader, The Coca Cola Company

The Experiential Advantage: Learn How to Choreograph Engaging and Sensory-Rich Programs that Ignite Transformation

Are you a professional speaker seeking to take your keynotes, workshops, and training programs to a whole new level of impact and transformation? Are you ready to captivate your audience’s senses, ignite their passion, and leave a lasting imprint on their lives? Join us for “The Experiential Advantage” workshop, where Lethia Owens, CSP will teach you the art of choreographing engaging and sensory-rich programs that create transformational and lasting growth for your audience.

In this immersive workshop designed exclusively for professional speakers, we will delve into the secrets of experiential learning and show you how to craft dynamic programs that go beyond words and slides. Learn how to engage your audience on multiple levels – visually, audibly, kinesthetically, and emotionally – to facilitate deep and meaningful transformations.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Understanding Experiential Learning:
    • Discover the science behind experiential learning and its profound impact on memory and comprehension.
    • Learn how to infuse your programs with interactive elements that keep your audience engaged and participative.
    • Explore the power of sensory-rich experiences to create a memorable and transformational event.
  2. Designing Immersive Experiences:
    • Learn how to choreograph the flow of your programs to create a seamless and immersive journey.
    • Incorporate storytelling, group activities, and practical exercises to enhance learning and retention.
    • Harness the potential of props, visuals, and technology to elevate the sensory experience.
  3. Captivating the Senses:
    • Discover techniques to captivate your audience visually through compelling visuals and props.
    • Engage their auditory senses with powerful storytelling, music, and the rhythm of your speech.
    • Create hands-on experiences that connect with the kinesthetic learners in your audience.
  4. Igniting Transformation:
    • Understand how experiential learning accelerates personal and professional growth for your participants.
    • Learn how to facilitate reflection and discussion to deepen the impact of your programs.
    • Explore strategies to inspire action and empower your audience to apply what they’ve learned.
  5. Fostering Lasting Connections:

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to master The Experiential Advantage and transform your keynotes, workshops, and training programs into immersive and life-changing experiences. Elevate your speaking journey and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of your audience. Join us for this empowering workshop and unlock the transformative power of experiential learning!

You've Booked Lethia, Now What?

Lethia's Bio and Intro

Speaker Intro

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Audio Visual Needs


Wireless lavaliere microphone.


Unless other arrangements are made ahead of time, Lethia will bring her laptop computer from which she will run her PowerPoint presentation. She will also bring the remote. Lethia’s PowerPoint presentation has embedded audio clips and video clips and so the client will need to make arrangements with the on-site audio/visual technician to provide audio out cables. 


We will discuss this with you and your audio/visual technician in more detail prior to your event.

Visual Aids

LCD Projector and screen of appropriate size for audience. Equipment should have the capacity to play audio and video from Lethia’s PowerPoint presentation.​

Audio Video Recording

No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Lethia’s prior written permission.​


After discussing your needs, Lethia may create a handout to go along with her presentation. If a handout is created, it will be emailed to the meeting planner no later than 10 days prior to the event for duplication and distribution.​