Passionately Pursue Your Purpose

posted on January 30, 2009 / IN Discovering Your Value / Personal Branding / 1 Comment

Rick Warren begins his book The Purpose Driven Life with a powerful statement, “It’s not about you.” Many of us have a hard time believing this life is not all about us, our dreams, our goals and our desire to accomplish great things. But Rick was right. This life is about a very unique and powerful calling to fulfill a higher purpose that only we can bring to completion. There is a contribution to society that only you can make. Unfortunately too many people leave this earth, never having fully lived to their highest potential and they take their talent with them to the grave. Begin exploring your purpose by discovering your passion. Let’s imagine for a moment that your purpose is like a jigsaw puzzle.

By Lethia Owens

1 Comment

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    • Brenda Leyland
      Posted on June 27, 201010:09 pm

      I'm just listening to your presentation on the Super Business Models session. So I wanted to come and check out your site……… and put a face to your voice.

      Thank you for the great information……….. more pieces to my puzzle!