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Periscope Now Supports Landscape Mode!

One of the biggest frustrations about Periscope is the fact that it only allowed you to stream videos in portrait mode – Auugghhh!!!

I’m excited to share that Periscope just announced that as part of its most recent update for iOS and Android, you can now shoot and watch videos in landscape mode. We have been craving this feature and Periscope listened.

This is a big step towards a more user friendly app but you should know that while you can watch a cast streamed in landscape mode, it will shrink to fit the width of the screen if viewed in portrait mode.

An Additional Update – Periscope also introduced ‘share context.’ This feature adds a small indicator beneath a broadcast in your feed that has been shared with you so you know who shared it. This will solve the mystery of why a broadcast is showing up in your feed when you haven’t subscribed to the person on Periscope.

What I don’t like in the latest update is the fact the auto play for new casts when someone you follow goes live. I was in a meeting when all of a sudden my phone starts to stream a broadcast because I had Periscope open and someone I follow went live. We’ll have to add a fix for this to our Periscope wishlist.

I’m curious: What features do you wish Periscope would add or issues they would fix?

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By Lethia Owens