7-Day Luxury Mastermind Retreat
Dubai & Abu Dhabi
JAN 4-11, 2025

Welcome Beloved!

I am so excited to reserve your seat at the table for our 2023 Game Changers Mastermind Retreat. This will be one of the most amazing business trips you have ever taken. In order to ensure you have the time of your life, my team and I need to gather a little information from you. Please complete the form below as soon as possible. I also want to share some very useful information to help prepare you for our trip.

Learning the social customs of the UAE, Dubai – https://www.justlanded.com/english/Dubai/Dubai-Guide/Culture/Social-Customs

Their Weekend – Note that the weekend in the United Arab Emirates is Friday and Saturday. Sunday is an actual work day for them.

Kick Off – We kick off our Mastermind Retreat with an informal welcome reception with light hors d’oeuvres on Jan 4th from 6pm – 9pm. I understand that you may arrive after 9pm on Jan 4th. That is totally okay. When booking your flight, please make sure that you arrive in time to join us for our first working session on Jan 5th at 8:30 am.

Wrap Up – On the last day, Jan 11th, it is recommended that you book your return flight for after 9pm.

Airport – You will fly into the Dubai International Airport (DXB). Most fights from the US will arrive between 3pm and 11:30pm on the 4th. Most flights depart Dubai after 9pm with the exception of a few Emirates flights.

Ground Transportation – We will provide ground transportation to and from the airport and to all excursions during your trip. When possible, we will schedule your airport transport as a shared ride with other Game Changers.

Emergency Contact – We will ask you to identify an emergency contact should we need to reach out on your behalf.

Dress: Please dress comfortable in business casual or casual attire. I plan to do a mixture of both.  I would suggest avoiding T-Shirts as we will have professional photos taken during the trip and you will want to look sharp even though you are in casual attire. The only exception is the attire required for our luxury dinning experience. The Dress Code for our Luxury Dinner is Smart Elegant. Collared dress shirts are required for men along with full-length trouser and closed shoes. A suit or jacket is also an option. Woman can wear either a nice dress or skirt, cocktail dress, and trousers with a blouse or blazer. UAE national dress is welcome. Any type of sportswear or sports shoes are not permitted.

Photography – Please note that we will have a creative team who is responsible for capturing photos throughout the 7-day experience. Be mindful that you will be caught on camera…frequently.

Tips – Feel free to provide tips to our celebrity chef team, and the hotel staff according to the level of service you feel you have received. We will cover all ground transportation and excursion tips. 

Room Charges – Because we have a 2,300 sq. ft. suite with multiple bedrooms within the suite and to keep billing super simple, we ask that you do not charge anything to your hotel room. This prevents issues with erroneous charges.

Currency – We have worked hard to take care of every detail for you and you shouldn’t need to cover any expenses with the exception of those studded Louboutins or the fiery red Ferrari you plan to purchase. If you do plan to make purchases at the mall or Gold Souk, we recommend using 1 credit card or debit card, so you only have to monitor 1 card for accuracy post travel. Also, we have found that it is cheaper and faster. If you want to have some UEA currency on hand you can stop by a currency exchange at the airport. This is a good idea if you want to tip service professionals.

Phone Access – Please call your carrier prior to traveling to determine your options. There is a cell phone booth right outside of baggage claim where you can buy a phone along with a SIM card that will allow you to make international calls at a very affordable rate. Depending on your usage, $100 may be an appropriate budget if you plan to get a phone while you are there. Personally, we have added an extension to our Verizon plan that charges us $10 per day for any days we use cellular or data while in Dubai. Don’t forget that Skype and WhatsApp are great tools for staying connected while you are traveling.

The Schedule – We will enjoy the opportunity to mastermind 5 of the 7 days and you’ll get two full days to enjoy Dubai on your own terms and at your own pace. We will have a few surprise excursions but it wouldn’t be a Dubai experience if we didn’t enjoy some of the most iconic excursions Dubai has to offer.

You will enjoy the following excursions:

  • A dinner safari desert tour with camel riding
  • A luxury dining experience fit for a King/Sheikh
  • A yacht cruise with views of Palm Island