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It’s happening today! Will you join me?

It’s not too late to enroll…Join me today as I present my Summer School Lecture: Personal Branding 101 – Building Your IRRESISTIBLE Brand

Cut to the chase and enroll now:

Wouldn’t it be great if all you needed for your business was to be an expert at whatever it is you do?

Imagine if all you had to do was build it and they would come?

As I’m sure you’ve discovered, it’s not like that.

In addition to being an expert at what you do, to be a successful entrepreneur, you also need to know about all sorts of other things like, marketing, networking, selling, branding, and social media. To make matters even more complicated somehow you’re supposed to know how to balance your business with your life.

Entrepreneurs often find themselves struggling to get ahead and stay ahead of the curve because there’s always more to learn. There’s always a new strategy or tactic to incorporate as business grows and situations change.

Keeping up with it all can be maddening.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just go to one place and learn everything you needed to know? A graduate school just for entrepreneurs? A school where you could learn all of the in’s and out’s of “entrepreneurship” quickly and easily so that you can stop spending your valuable time and energy spinning your wheels searching for information.

Well now there is.

You are invited to enroll, as my guest, in an extraordinary Summer School geared specifically towards the unique needs of entrepreneurs.

Enroll today:

Whether you’re a coach, speaker, author, practitioner or other service-based entrepreneur here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to create an unforgettable brand that will keep your lead generation pipeline full with your ideal clients.
• The #1 thing you need to turn your financial situation around and the practical steps you can apply NOW to attract more money into your life.
• How to create a marketing message that is authentic to you and attracts the clients you truly want to work with.
• The 6-aspects you must set up to support yourself so you can prioritize your time and activities so you can spend your time doing what you do best.
• A new relationship with money and time that will free you up and explode your business in an entirely new way.
• How to create stand out copy with a message that authentically sells.
• The #1 must have for every social network.
• and so much more…

The Summer School for Entrepreneur’s boasts a faculty list overflowing with successful entrepreneurs who are not only at the top of their fields but excel at running their individual 6- and 7-figure businesses:

Suzanne Evans
David Neagle
Adela Rubio
Barbara Musser
Melanie Yost
Melissa Galt
Maggie Ostara
Matthew Goldfarb
Gina Ratliffe
Mary Allen
Donna Kozik
Roberta Mittman
Tracey Lawton
Pamela Bruner
Lethia Owens
Nancy Fox
Carrie Greene
Paige Stapleton
Brian Stark

And ME!!!

PLUS there are some great bonuses…think of them as “extra-credit opportunities”.

Ready to enroll today? Click here:

The Summer School for Entrepreneurs begins Monday, July 12th, and runs through July 16th. Get this written into your calendar now!

And did I mention that for a limited time…the Summer School for Entrepreneurs is…totally F*REE!

While the event is LIVE, the calls are no cost to you AND there’s even a 24 hour webcast replay.

“See” you in class!

Lethia Owens
Personal Branding and Social Media Strategist

P.S. Having a successful business takes more than an A+ for effort, it takes some very specific education. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level I encourage you to join me! (

P.P.S. Do you know someone else who might be interested in the Summer School for Entrepreneurs? Forward this email to them but make sure to enroll and reserve your space first!

By Lethia Owens

Lethia Owens is Branding and Market Domination Strategist. She has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation which is the highest designation awarded by the National Speaking Association. She is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world and she has completed a 6-country tour for her best selling book Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand. Lethia’s message of reinvention, courage and self-empowerment has inspired audiences on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliate networks.

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      Will you be offering this class again this year (2011)? I’d love to partake in it!