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What to Look for in a Work Computer

posted on February 26, 2020 / IN Women in Tech / 0 Comments

What better way to welcome in the New Year than updating or upgrading your work computer? With how quick things move in the digital space, your work computer needs to be on top of the list of things you should be upgrading. Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop PC that you use, having one that fits your lifestyle and business needs is important, especially since we’ve already established that ‘Success Requires the Proper Tools’.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

One of the most essential parts of a computer is the CPU. The CPU is like the brain, and it sends signals to the other parts of the computer. Without a good CPU, a computer is likely to be frustratingly slow. When upgrading your computer, consider a CPU that is, at the minimum, dual-core with a 2.5GHz speed. A dual-core CPU would allow your work computer to focus on two operations at the same time. On the other hand, if your work requires working on analyzing lots of data and running multiple applications at once, go for CPUs that have greater processing power.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is the part of your computer responsible for storing information from apps you are using actively and those running in the background. The more tasks you do within an app, the greater the RAM that app will need. Similar to CPU cores, more RAM would guarantee faster processing. An article on Business Insider notes that the standard amount of RAM is 8GB; however, if your job requires you to open multiple apps at the same time and multitask, having a computer that has more RAM than you think you’d need would greatly improve your experience.


Every manufacturer has their standards when it comes to judging whether a laptop or a computer is durable, but in its simplest sense, a durable laptop is one that can withstand years of use and even accidental abuse. HP explores this in an article on laptop durability, where they mention the different measures that can give you an idea about the laptop’s durability. For one, a durable laptop should be able to survive a 30-inch drop. Durable laptops are those that can function after sudden exposure to physical shock and can withstand extended periods of high-vibrations on top of many other things. It pays to remember that any gadget will only be just as good as it’s quality, so make sure to purchase one that is made with the intention of creating a long-lasting quality product.

Operating System (OS)

Although there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong choice when it comes to your operating system (OS), this will have a huge impact on your productivity. Most computers come pre-installed with one OS or the other, and it all boils down to preference and what you’re used to using. Windows is the most popular choice since it’s offered by a lot of laptop manufacturers and it also offers multiple ways to interface with your content, according to USA Today. MacOS are generally considered to have better quality because it’s installed on hardware designed by the same company, Apple, but devices running MacOS also tend to cost more.

By Lethia Owens

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