Is Your Website Working For You?

posted on January 18, 2010 / 1 Comment

Often times clients will ask me, "Lethia, is my website a good website?" My response is always the same, "How much money are you making from your website?" You see if your website isn't bringing you more clients, then it is nothing more than an expensive business card used to share information with people who already know you. When analyzing your website there are key things you must keep in mind: 1) Does your website accurately represent your brand? 2) Is your website easy to find via search engines? Is it search engine optimized (SEO)? 3) Do you have a powerful "Call To Action" (CTA) …


Personal branding and social media marketing strategy are hot topics for today's business owners. Because these topics are so essential to effectively promoting your business online, I frequently encourage my friends, fans and followers to post their personal branding and social media related questions on my facebook fan page ( I am excited to share that last month (Dec '09) there were 49 questions and comments posted. The fan page was pretty active last month so thanks for taking time to stop by and engage with me. I would like to help even more people so please continue posting …


7 Ways to Increase Newsletter Sign-Ups

posted on December 27, 2009 / 0 Comments

One of the most powerful ways to connect with your clients and patients is through email marketing. In order to use this powerful method of communication, your reader must first opt-in to your list. This means they must first give you permission to send them information via email. According to CNET News, junk and spam mail accounts for over 90% of all email messages. Users are becoming more and more skeptical and reluctant to give out their email address. For marketers this means we must be even more creative and clever when encouraging users to sign up for …


Social Media Optimization (SMO) Strategies

posted on November 30, 2009 / 5 Comments

You may have already heard how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to promoting your brand online but maybe you haven’t yet learned to leverage the power of Social media optimization (SMO). In order to understand the power of SMO, we must first revisit the definition of social media. Wikipedia describes social media as... The online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. Popular social mediums include blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs.”As you begin to leverage social …


7 Keys to Attracting More Traffic with a Local Search Strategy

posted on October 16, 2009 / 2 Comments

If you want to attract more traffic to your website from local visitors, it is essential that you develop a local search strategy. Your strategy should consist of two main tools; Google Business Center and Google Profile. Claiming Your Identity on Google Profile: 1) Visit and create a profile that is rich in keywords and powerfully depicts what makes you valuable and unique. As of now, your profile will show up at the bottom of regular search results, but as people begin to use the tool it is likely that Google will start featuring your profile at the top …


Personal Branding Strategy – Facebook Fan Pages vs Groups

posted on September 19, 2009 / 2 Comments

When working with clients I teach a four-step process for using the internet and social media to gain increased visibility for their brand. The first step is to “Create” content and add it to your hub (website) and other sites connected to your hub. The second step is to “Connect” all of the content you have created and create accounts on social networks so you can connect with “Fans”, “Friends” and “Followers.” The third step called “Promote” focuses on your promotion and marketing strategy. The fourth step is “Automation” and involves configuring social media tools in such a way …


Twitter is a powerful personal branding tool that levels the playing field and provides an opportunity for you to connect with people you may have otherwise never met. Though the tool is powerful, getting the most out of it requires a strategy for increasing your followers within your niche market. Here are 5 simple strategies for increasing your Twitter followers: 1. Brand Your Profile - People will be more likely to follow you if you have a branded profile page. Taking just a few minutes to add a photo, bio and description will go a long way in helping visitors decide …


What is Personal Branding?

posted on February 24, 2009 / 0 Comments

Every day, everywhere you go and in everything you do, whether at work or at home, you are telling the world about yourself, your values, your goals and your skills. You are defining your personal brand. Your personal brand is composed of the expectations, perceptions and emotions that people associate with you. According to personal branding expert Nick Nichols, your personal brand is the firm impression or fixed image that comes to mind when people think of you. A personal brand is the mental picture that people conjure up when your name is mentioned. Can you articulate, in 35 words or …


Passionately Pursue Your Purpose

posted on January 30, 2009 / 1 Comment

Rick Warren begins his book The Purpose Driven Life with a powerful statement, "It's not about you." Many of us have a hard time believing this life is not all about us, our dreams, our goals and our desire to accomplish great things. But Rick was right. This life is about a very unique and powerful calling to fulfill a higher purpose that only we can bring to completion. There is a contribution to society that only you can make. Unfortunately too many people leave this earth, never having fully lived to their highest potential …